On Top of the World

"Let's go on a walk..."

What possibility these words hold! Opportunities abound for heart-changing, soul-moving experiences. That's what a walk is for. To adjust your perspective. 

As we began the search for our new home, we knew that "normal" and "cookie-cutter" just wouldn't do. We searched for a way to keep our animals and move to another small farm, but land availability in Colorado is scarce and we couldn't find one in time. Trusting that God had something even better in mind, we fixed our gaze on the mountains. Because we love nature. And snow. Big views and crisp clean air. It's such fun to walk out the front door and have such beauty all around. I smile every time. 

This weekend we decided to go on a walk and explore more of our neighborhood. Imagine our surprise when we discovered that we live on top of the world! 


We walked just a few minutes up the road and this is what we saw! Breathtaking to say the least. It was quite overcast every time we visited before our house closing, so it's such a sweet discovery every time we discover a new view. Looking out over the canyon...I am reminded of God's faithfulness and care in our lives. Our surroundings on this mountaintop inspire thoughts of creation and spirit and sacred beauty. I am so thankful. 

sweetie walker.jpg

We continued on our way, meeting neighbors and their dogs along the way. They informed us that there is a private hiking trail that we have access to as a resident, and I can't wait to check it out! We haven't done much hiking in the past, but now that we are "mountain people", I want that to change! I foresee snow shoes in my future. And cross country skis!

I try to spend time outside every day...it's so relaxing to climb up onto our rocks and look out over Denver or just sit and listen to the birds. Or watch the deer. The herd of twelve comes through our yard 2-3 times a day it seems. 

Or I just sit and enjoy the silence. It's SO quiet up here. I notice it even more so because my girls are quite....ahem..."enthusiastic" about life and their sweet voices ring out like a bell!

I'm truly enjoying the snow and wintery days...but I'm also looking forward to warmth and wildflowers. Seasons changing. Such beauty in it. So much to learn.

Do you have a walking ritual?  
Or  a daily nature experience?
What have you been learning lately?