She Made Me a Blueberry Pie

Last Thursday, we excitedly awaited the arrival of our dear friend Jen and her daughters. She lives north about an hour...and it's just been way too long since we sat down and connected hearts like proper friends should.

She came bearing these amazing pieces of pottery...that she created with her own hands! For ME! She filled the adorable pie plate with blueberry pie and I filled the mug with coffee. Both were devoured immediately after this photo was taken. This is the same Jen who baked me a pie with a goat on it when we moved to the farm. Oh how I love her. So thoughtful and true.

We soaked up sunshine on the deck...surrounded by tall swaying trees, prayer flags and giggling girls. 

Our conversation meandered from succulents and gardening to yoga and self care. We climbed our biggest rock and looked out to the Denver skyline...savoring each moment together.

We headed up the road to explore and hike a bit. The girls collected rocks covered with lichen and climbed light-drenched trees while Jen and I made plans to visit Golden and paint hiking sticks together. 

Fresh mountain air enjoyed with a friend is straight up medicine for the soul. Connection and laughter and movement...all things needed for a healthy life. 

Tell me how YOU make it a priority to connect
with friends you love!