Floors for Days

It's beginning to look a lot like a HOME in here! Matt has been working on the floors all week long. Piece by piece...cut by cut...it's all coming together.

We were doing research on the different trees on our property...and I was SO EXCITED to discover that the beautiful pines surrounding our house are douglas firs! The same exact trees that now cover my floors. It might seem trivial...but I feel so much more connected to our land now. And to think that they could be in this house for the next 100 years makes my heart all warm and happy inside. 

daddy matty on the floor.jpg

This is the face of a man intent on making a beautiful home for his family. I am constantly in awe of his work ethic and his ability to just keep going...even though he is exhausted and has 356 slivers in his hands.  

He decided to purchase the specialty nail gun made for flooring...after starting out with just a regular nail gun. So glad...because it went a lot faster after that! But boy oh boy...that thing is LOUD! Boom boom boom!

For a few hours this week, he had one of his employees come up to help finish the great room. Lucy was thrilled...she is quite enamored with "J.J.". She has affectionately named him that. Even though that's not his real name. tee hee! 

We now have all of the great room installed. The hallway is done as well...and the master bedroom is started. All we have left is the art room (finishing this weekend) and then we get to start sanding and sealing it up!

After considering all of your ideas and looking at lots of photos...we've decided to keep it as natural looking as we can, using a clear-ish satin sealant. BUT...now that we've decided that...we have to decide on a brand. Oh my goodness...it can be very overwhelming. We've looked at Monocoat, Bona, and Minwax.

My goal is to use something with very low VOCs and little odor. It appears we can buy Bona locally...but Monocoat we would have to order. Although, Monocoat seems to be REALLY expensive. We would need about $1,000 worth of sealant to cover our 1100 sq feet of fir. Goodness. So...that's the goal for next week. Onward! 

Oh! And look who stopped by for a visit! Nana and Papa! My mom can ROCK the safety goggles, no? And my dad grew an awesome beard! It was so fun to show them the house again...the last time they were up here was the very first time we looked at the house. Lots has changed...to say the least! 

This little peanut (a tiny replica of my brother Dan) gave his stamp of approval as well. Future builder/contractor in the making ;-)

I'm off to town now to prepare for a little Harry Potter sleepover Bella is having with one of her dear friends tonight. It's her birthday on Monday. 10 years old...whoa! Have a wonderful weekend everyone!