Waves of White

At 3 a.m., the house went quiet. Completely quiet. I felt a chill in the air and snuggled further down into the bed between two warm little girls. After a few minutes, Matt whispered, "the power is out". It had been snowing when we went to bed...but there was just a light dusting on the deck. 

It's fairly common in the mountains...with the wind and snow...to experience power outages. We have a big Honda generator, but it's currently at Matt's shop. So, the only thing on my mind was how I was going to boil water for my coffee in the morning. "Matt...can I boil water on the grill?". I drifted off to sleep wishing I would have bought those snow shoes a few weeks back. And that I was glad I filled the bird feeders yesterday.

By the time I woke up at 8 a.m., I heard the sounds of crickets singing from the noise machine. And the heat had come back on. Coffee could be had! Matt was already out pushing snow...waves of white flowing over the top of the blade.

11 inches.
On April 3.
I love my mountain life.