Colorful Kitchen Corner + House Snapshots

We have a kitchen! We have a kitchen! It's all very exciting. And exhausting. And exciting. I've been a bit quiet here for awhile. The days are flying by and blending together and I didn't even know where my computer was for a few days! I finally found it buried under a mountain of clothes in my bedroom.

 We have moved lots of furniture and lovely things up into our main living space, but at the same time, we aren't quite fully set up with storage. That makes for a bit of chaos. It's slowly coming together. We have gone from being overwhelmed with the "big" projects to being overwhelmed with a million "little" projects. When I start to think about all that still have to be completed, it makes me hyperventilate a little. ;-) We are so used to remodeling RVs and small takes some time to get used to the fact that we probably won't be "done" improving the house for YEARS. 

BUT...isn't this sweet corner of my kitchen just dreamy? I could stand there all day long. And just a few minutes ago, Matt removed that large trailer from my view. Now it's extra dreamy. 

I have tons of photos and thoughts to share on the kitchen remodel that is still in progress. But that will come on another day. I just wanted to check in with you all and let you know I'm still here :) I post updates on Instragram pretty regularly, so if you don't see me here for a bit, check there.

Our current focus is getting our kitchen island finished and brought up to the house. Matt has been building it and painting it at his shop. I'm SO excited to install's a thrifted dresser that we added new legs and a countertop to...and painted. It's our first real furniture refinishing that wasn't spray painted. ;-) My color inspiration was a treasured vintage Pyrex bowl. I'm in LOVE with it!

Other things on deck:

And are some snapshots that I've taken of our house lately. They are totally not "staged" and I would normally not be sharing photos of unfinished/in process things. Because I'm weird like that. BUT...because I have decided to bring you along on the journey instead of just show you the finished deal...

I give you: PROGRESS. Woohoo!


A light remodel on our main bathroom! Paint, stick-on tile, a new shower curtain, and a towel rack. Much better than before, no? We'll be remodeling it fully someday.


Furniture! So fun to have our living space upstairs again. Needs a bigger rug, different TV stand, and smaller lamps...but we love our cozy little snuggle nest. It's ever-changing.


Our toy/art/office space. This room is a little different now, because we found an art table and made a desk for me, but it's still a colorful happy place. I thrifted that Crate & Barrel rug for $8. Yes I did. 


Our resting place. The yellow bedspread on the end is my 1940's vintage find. I love it, but I may keep my colorful bedspread as well. We shall see. Lots of ideas for our room.


And lastly, my newest grandma chair. Velour avocado green. Yum. It sits next to it's mustard sister in the living room...and swivels to face the fire or the couches. I found this gem at a salvage store...on a busy Saturday afternoon. I couldn't BELIEVE no one had scooped it up. I practically ran to the checkout to buy it...constantly checking over my shoulder to make sure no one else had grabbed it. Ha!

So there you have it! We're having fun and only going half-crazy instead of totally crazy. Have a fun Wednesday everyone!