Sweet Sweet Safari

photo 5.JPG

This is our RV. She likes to wear hula hoops as jewelry.

photo 4.JPG

She shades us from the bright morning sun as we enjoy breakfast together as a family. Hi Nana and Papa!

She pulls our van behind her with ease...kind of a show off. ;-)

It feels good to be back in a motorhome. We haven't had one since 2011...it's been all fifth wheels and Airstreams and such. But a motorhome just feels GOOOOOOOD. We've missed it. There is definitely an ease of traveling with kiddos in a motorhome. 

This little one travels like a champ! Of course, it does help that she can watch the RV right from her cushy throne. This RV came with an in-motion satellite system. And since we already have DISH, it only cost $7 to add service to the RV. Yes please!

And because I know many of you will ask the question...let's talk car seats. Emma is always in a car seat. The other two girls have to be seated when the RV is moving. But they can be in their bed or on the couch. Each state has different rules regarding car seats...so do your research if you're interested in abiding by said rules :-)

One of the best things about the RV life is the ever-changing view out the door! This was taken somewhere in the middle of Iowa.

We had initially considered removing this couch to have more space for dogs and kiddos to run/play (especially because there are no slides). But I'm SO glad we kept it in. It's crazy soft and comfortable. Plus, the dogs have claimed an entire couch for themselves when they aren't riding in the front window. Spoiled I tell ya.

Do you spot the legs hanging off the top bunk?! This view makes me happy! It doesn't take much to make your RV snazzy. Just a little paint, curtains and textiles. Feels like a new rig!

We took the washer/dryer combo out and added this bunk area. We will be adding privacy curtains and changing out the floor as well. We added a king size bed to the bedroom and lots of hooks for storage. 

Where the magic happens! Love all the storage!

This table can seat all of us...it does pull out and has a leaf. We took out the stock chairs and added smaller IKEA chairs to accommodate seating 5.

So there it is folks! Not perfectly "staged" for pics...but I rarely shoot for perfect anymore. LOL! We're so excited to go on our west coast tour and get back into the rig for a few months. Every time we drive by it at Matt's shop, Emma yells "HOME!!".

Home is where your family is...so yes little one...it's home indeed! 

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