Friday Favorites


It's Friday! Good Friday to be exact. We've been settled near Vero Beach, Florida for the past 3 weeks...the girls all found friends their age there. Fellow homeschoolers. Every day they would ride bikes together, play hide and seek, swim for hours, and peruse the store for candy. They also found some "adopted grandparents" who would do crafts with them and bring them little gifts. Sweet deal. I'm always so thankful for these connections! Now we're headed down to the Keys! We've got our snorkel gear and our sunscreen and we're ready to roll. 

I am particularly interested in paddleboarding. I paddleboarded for the first time in Vero and I can't stop thinking about it. Must.Go.Again. So that will be one of the first pieces of equipment I find there...along with perusing this site. If you've paddleboarded in the keys...where is your favorite spot? 

Here are a few favorites from my week:

My friend Sarah at Kith & Kin. If you're looking for an "investment" that is going to last and last and one that you will SWOON over when you hold it for the first time...this is IT. These are straight up handmade deliciousness. I have one of the bigger overnight bags, but this one is next on my list for sure. The perfect day tote (don't let it fool you with the diaper bag would be awesome for anyone!) Love that you can customize the fabric swatch. Dreamy. 

I'm totally loving Pocket Fuel. Their Easter series is awesome.

Super cute gypsy-esque clothes and house stuff. This is where I get some of my sweet flags. And mugs. And art. And shirts. And scarves..

I love A Cup of Jo's house tours (and the whole rest of it. she's awesome). But this one is super dreamy. 

Are you a handwriting geek? Be sure to check out Lettergirl's Etsy shop. And her free practice worksheet!

I've started Periscoping! Check out my archived scopes here.

And lastly...don't forget to click over to my oil page for the rainbow-tastic freebie I'm giving away to those who want to get started with oils. I do personalized consultations if you need help with specific health concerns!

I'd love to hear about your favorite restaurants in the keys too...specifically seafood places. Yum yum.

Hope you all have a restful and introspective EASTER weekend...celebrating the FREEDOM that Jesus gave us when he took on all of our sins and paid the price ONCE and for all. So thankful.