Awaiting a King

We are in full preparation mode around here...cutting, creating, lighting it up. Christmas is coming! We spent an entire day covered in paint and mod podge...creating handmade ornaments for our tree.

We had big plans to get a permit to go cut down a tree in one of the nearby forests, but after a big wind storm a few weeks ago, we found this sweet little tree laying behind the house. It turned out to be the perfect size, it has "character", and we just love it! The girls had such a great time hanging their's been so special to have our own tree this year!

All of these preparations are not just to "decorate" or make things pretty for the holidays. We are awaiting a King! Jesus' birth is the single cause for celebration. And this year, we are turning our eyes toward Him every night after supper as we read together from Ann Voskamp's Jesse Tree devotional.

With Bella and Lucy snuggled up with Daddy, we light a candle and learn more about His love for us and the grace He extends. So excited to walk through this amazing Advent time with my loves and to create new rituals and traditions together as a family.

What are some of your favorite rituals and traditions during the holiday season?