Monday Inspiration

Breathing a sigh of relief...I think we are finally coming out of the fog after 5 days of the flu. It will take awhile for things to get "back to normal" around here...but we are working on it. I think I'll start with laundry :)

Here are a few of my favorite photos from the past week. My favorite new throw blanket, my sweet Bella who is growing up before my eyes, and my smiley Lucy. Life is good.

And now for some inspiration!

I haven't been a huge fan of chai in the past, but it's growing on me! I found this amazing homemade recipe on Pinterest. Can't wait to try it.

Have you been trying to limit your time on Facebook or just your time online in general? Check out this cool site.

Tara, Justin, and Zeb are starting a new journey! They leave Vegas today in their new rig. Love this family.

My heart just aches for Japan right now. Here is a neat page with some Twitter updates from Japan (in English).

These little dwellings are SO awesome. I hope they can survive...

Yummy yummy dreads. So much color! Love her whimsical art.

I get warm and fuzzy feelings when I see our very first RV out there on the road again.

Faryn's work is amazing. Love love love.

I'm LOVING this post by Mandy at Messy Canvas. There is such joy in the little stuff. The little "finds", quotes, things that friends send me. And I long to have a space in the house that is just my stuff. Heck, I need to do this just so I can FIND my stuff. Now I have to figure out where on earth I could do it :) Every corner is currently occupied. Do you have something like this in your home?

Have an inspired Monday! xxoo