Smile at the Mountains


We're here! We're here! What a day...doodle-lee-doo! We pulled into the driveway at 7:00 p.m. after spending all day cleaning at the farm. Daddy snuck away early in the day to come to the new house and set up our temporary basement haven. Here is a peek at our big BEDroom, complete with bedding! What a treat to arrive to a space that was already ready for a little bouncing.

My sister, Laura, texted me early in the day and said the she and her hubby Dan wanted to have supper delivered for our first meal in our new house. Squeeeeeee! Oh but wait, no one delivers to the top of our mountain! So they paid for us to big up a big bag of takeout from our favorite restaurant, Chey Thuy. Mmmmmmm...those spring rolls were as big as the moon! Such an amazing, thoughtful way to reach out to us across the miles.


And lastly...our place of connection and rest. Matt had this little room set up too! He knew I would feel so much more grounded if a little bit of home was already here...and I breathed a sigh of relief when I opened the door.

As I type this, he is sound asleep on the plaid couch and Maia is cuddled up next to me snoring. Maggie is sprawled out on the rug. American Idol contestants are crooning from the TV...and my three birdies are sound asleep one room away. Coffee goodies have been carefully set out on the counter...I take care of the important stuff of course!

This is all still feeling a bit surreal. It's OUR house! Our very own. And tomorrow morning I will hold a steaming cup of coffee in my hand, look out the window...and I will smile at the mountains.

You Had Me at Flags


I took several photos tonight revealing the complete destruction (better yet, deconstruction) of our current house. The final 24 hours of packing are always the hardest. A million little bits of our life that seem to have no home. I end up throwing them all into one big box and forgetting them for 6 months. Only this time, it seems like that is every box. Each one packed with the words "are we done yet?!" ringing in the air. 

And so, I'm not posting those photos. Because honestly...I never want to see them again! Eyes forward. Onward. 

Instead, I'm sharing a perfectly timed happy mail gem that my girl Em sent me. In the midst of feeling like we will never finish, like the day will never end...Matt hands me a pile of mail from our PO Box. 

Right on top is a delicately watercolored envelope with sewn edges. And after reading her note, my heart started racing. 


FLAGS?!  Eeeeeep!!

They are the sweetest little flags you've ever seen! I went through each one, feeling the different textures, imagining where I might hang them in our new home. Art room? Above my sink?  So fun to decorate in my head.

Thank you friend for thinking of me!! xo


Ritual & Routine


Moving a home, even when it's a joyful occasion, causes great distress. Everything seems to be upside down & out of order. During this time, I rely on ritual and routine to find my balance again. 

Something as simple as making my coffee every morning can bring comfort. The aroma. The steam rising. That first sip...oh how I savor. It's become a way for me to step into the sacred morning hours with more grace in my heart. I'm so thankful for the miracle of caffeine! 

Lighting incense. Playing my favorite music. Breathing deep. All of these center me back into the present and help to slow the spiraling effect of our entire world being packed up in boxes.

And yet...I need more than just the coffee and incense. The more out of control my life seems, the more I sense my need for Jesus and His strength. I sit with my Bible and soak up scripture...letting the grounding truth wash over me and center me for the day. When I am weak...HE is strong. Now that's true comfort.

So, with coffee in hand and my heart at peace, I will continue to pack up our life into boxes. Trusting that we will find peace & order again. For I can do all things through Him who strengthens me. Philippians 4:13

What rituals & routines bring you comfort daily?