The RV Remodel Begins

You might think it would get tedious remodeling SO many RVs. But it never does. We love it! Each one is different from the last, unique in it's own way. We have learned so much since that very first rig in 2007!

This particular RV is a 40 foot, 1994 Safari Ivory. There are a lot of things we look for when we purchase an RV...and this one had a lot of the things on our "list". 

  • Lower miles for the year (only 44K)
  • Huge windows
  • Space to add bunks
  • Decent-sized fridge
  • Big engine (8.3 Diesel Cummins / 300 HP)
  • Good storage in the underbody
  • Fairly neutral decor
  • Super comfy couches (these are so soft and amazing!)
  • An automatic wind-sensor awning (trust me, this is awesome)
  • A sweet airbrushed tiger on the back. Try not to be jealous.
dash sitting.jpg

And absolute favorite thing in motorhomes as opposed to any other type of RV...THE HUGE DASH! I love sitting on the dash (thanks for the dash portrait Bella!). After we park somewhere, I love putting plants and books and dogs and food and all kinds of goodies up there. I have so many happy memories from our past travels of sitting up on the front dash, gazing out to whatever amazingness we were parked in front of at the time. Ocean? Yes. Redwoods? Yes. Dolphins? Yes. Walmart parking lot? Yes. All good things. Not to mention how incredible the open road looks through those giant windows!

This rig has an abundance of cupboards. Oh so many. And a double door fridge/freezer. Always a bonus. The cabinets are real wood as well...which we have come to find out was typical for Safaris. Same with the real wood floors. 

As soon as we saw this, we knew we could bunk it out. Not all large RVs are conducive to bunking...and if you have teenagers, it's certainly harder to find space for wider bunks. But Bella and Lucy will fit in here just fine!

Matt got busy right away on that project and I pick up the custom cut foam for the beds today. Yay! The girls adore their little private hideaways...we'll add curtains on each one as well. They will each have a drawer for clothes below and shoes will be in a basket in the middle. Little Emma sleeps with us in the king bed, although she will try desperately to claim a bunk for her own.

We removed the old model all-in-one Splendid washer and dryer. We will take it to Resource in Boulder for someone else to love. Bunk space was definitely more important than laundry...especially because we won't be living in the RV full time.

It's a mid-entry...which I love for many reasons. Mostly because I don't have to move all the stuff by my seat in the front for people to walk in and out. The table is small, but pulls out to add a leaf. We'll take out these chairs and add four small chairs or stools. And yes, that's an ice maker by the door. For my margarita dance par-tays. You know it. 

Matt takes his RVs very seriously...reading all the manuals, checking every system thoroughly and fixing all of the little "things" that come up with an older RV. We'll be upgrading and fixing the following:

  • New hot water heater (tankless baby!)
  • New windshield washing tank/mechanism
  • Awning strap repair
  • Replacing locks on underbody doors (many missing)
  • New TV in front
  • King bed frame and mattress
  • Flooring 
  • Curtains
  • Flat tow for minivan
  • General Janssification

That's about it! We probably won't get everything done before we head out for the Midwest, but hopefully before the West coast tour!

Yesterday I found a bunch of curtains at the thrift store and today I'm looking through our paint stash to see what calls to me. Love having a new project. We needed a little break from the house remodel madness!