Shiny Saturday


I love Saturday.

Daddy is home. We're all about eggs and sausage. A little HGTV. Blue skies and birds chirping. 46 degrees in February. Lovely.

Did I mention...Daddy is home?! I really like that part.

We drove to Boulder to take a look at Matt's new shop. They painted everything and it looks so fresh and organized. It's right at the bottom of the mountain as you go up to our house, and we are so thrilled he won't have such a long drive to work everyday.

Side note: If you live in the Boulder area and need a handyman or property maintenance/remodeling done… he's your guy. He has an awesome team and no job is too small!

We got the Airstream all power washed up and shiny. It will be sitting at his shop, patiently awaiting it's makeover. I'm imagining some vintage goodness a la Joy this time around. Their Spartanette is one of my favorite RV remodels ever.

Speaking of traveling homes, if you have a gypsy heart of your own, be sure to check out our RV remodel gallery. I love looking through it because it reminds me of so many of you! The laughter, the kids running, the waves crashing. So much life lived in those homes!

Many of you have questions about deciding to go on the road and the logistics of it all. I know it's hard to find specific answers by just browsing around our travel I have decided to write up a FAQ page regarding traveling with a family and the nomadic lifestyle. 

But I need your help! Please post any burning questions in the comment section and I will start working on it! 

Have a restful Sunday!!