Goat Paparazzi

Goatie FaceThis face has captivated me. I will never be the same. Goats have a way of making every day brighter!

Last week we visited Tim and Michelle's farm so we could meet Cloud and Clover. At this point, I'm feeling a bit like I'm 33 weeks pregnant...waiting that last 7 weeks until they finally come live with us at OUR farm!

Checking it all out It was so neat to see how the farm works...just little things like where the goaties like to sit and what they eat. It filled my farmy heart.

Get Er Lucy wasn't quite so sure about curious Cloud...but she warmed up quickly!

Smiley Cloud and Clover are Nigerian Dwarfs...but after meeting the funny and affectionate Nubians, we put in our order for two Nubian babies that will be born in a few weeks!! Just like that, our goat herd just doubled to FOUR! I think I might be in big trouble...

Gaggle 2

I love how they follow each other around...it makes me laugh!

Saying Hello

Beautiful barn light.

Goatie Sillouette

All ears.

Three A lovely trio. The Nubian in the middle is our future goat baby mama, Scarlett.

chick chick chick Good chicken watchin'.

bella and the chicken copy Bella is a natural..she was MADE for farm life!

Oreo Oreo the llama struts his stuff.

sunshine goats What's up?!

Walker and the Chicken A boy and his chicken.

Friends Farm buddies hanging out.

New blog coming soon...photo session with  2 - day old goat babies!! Wait until you see them! Eeeeeep! Goat papparazzi in full effect. And you thought I was obsessed with chickens? ;-)