Hello CORE Leadership!
If you are here, you have achieved the rank of Silver or higher within the TRIBE. Congrats! We now have a whole slew of recorded training calls all in one place...just for YOU! These calls are focused on personal development, skillset improvement, and leading your team to success. You will notice that most of the calls have a lead in period of 3-10 minutes where we cover housekeeping issues related to the time of the year the call was recorded. Fast forward as needed. 

These calls are for your Silver and up eyes/ears only. Please do not share them with your downline or crossline friends.


Turn Up The Flow 
Avoiding Burnout
Decluttering For Success
Placement Strategies
The Stuff Rank Advancement Is Made Of
Maintaining Momentum & Solidifying Rank
How to Invest in Your Team
Birthing Your Rank Baby
Self-Care Share
How We Got To Diamond
Customer Connection & Education
How To Utilize FB Live in Your Business
Interview with Blue Diamond Spring Esteppe
Let's Talk About Closing
Belief Builder: Act As If
Lead Your Team To Success
Using Diffusers To Create Customer Culture
The Magic of Powerful Connections
Interview with Presidential Diamond Betsy Holmes
Turning Inner Work Into Outward Success (Part 1) (Part 2)
Pep Talk: Getting Clear & Confident
Checklist for a High Attraction Lifestyle & Other Post-Leadership Thoughts
What To Do When Builders "Stall Out"
Numbers and SUCCESS!
Increasing End of the Month Volume (with Presidential Diamond Dana Moore)
Develop the Skillset of Staying
What's Working Right Now?

Covered in "What's Working Right Now":
How we've grown since starting doTERRA
The power of "letting go" in your business
Deciding who to work with / who is moving toward you
10 to 10 Text Accountability Program
1:1 vs. Classes...is one better than the other?
Time blocking & working in your genius zone
The value in getting up early
Working your business how YOU want
Not comparing your path to others