Our mountain sanctuary

living room panorama.jpg

On February 21, 2014, we signed on the dotted line and bought a HOUSE! After traveling for 4 years and then being in transition every 6-12 months for 4 years...we are more than ready to GROW ROOTS.

We will be documenting our remodeling adventures on the blog and can't wait to share our excitement with you!

  • In a sweet little mountain neighborhood...started by hippies in the 60's.
  • 1 acre: we will have chickens! And treehouses. And room to roam.
  • Tall swaying pines and a huge climbable granite rock face.
  • 4 BR / 1.5 bath. Approx 2100 square ft.
  • A huge wall of windows looking out into the trees. Can you say bird watching?
  • 900 square foot deck
  • 600 square foot separate studio/office/guest house
  • Oh the views!
  • And apparently there is a fox who likes to hang out and look beautiful.
  • And wildflowers. Yes.