2/21/14: We bought a house! Signed the papers at 10:30 a.m. Ate some Thai takeout at 11:30 a.m. and we were up at the house by 1:00 p.m. tearing things out! 

2/22/14: Today we tore out the big wall separating the living room and kitchen, along with all of the remaining kitchen items except the sink. This included a fake brick wall. They did some weird things in the 60's.

2/23/14: The sink is out and the kitchen is now completely gutted. We closed off a doorway in the kitchen and put drywall up so that we can have an L-shaped/larger workspace. 

2/24/14: Matt brought two of his employees up to work on the house with him. They continued prepping the great room and ripping out the remaining carpet and old floors. Bella's room painted. Dish Network installed our new satellite. The girls and I drove to Denver and purchased our flooring. We chose wide plank circular sawn douglas fir hardwood for the floors and the white pine for the ceiling. Can't WAIT to see all of it installed! First, we have to decide on a finish/stain. 

2/25/14: Matt found a bunch of weathered barnwood at the dump today! SO excited. Lucy's room was painted and the art room was painted, including an entire chalkboard wall. All of the drywall seaming in the great room/kitchen is done and we taped off the appliances/island/table. 

3/6/14: Wow! Time is flying and lots has been accomplished! All of the dry wall work is done and we are ready to start texturing the walls soon. I'm so excited to see our bedroom all painted! I chose a really pretty grey. The living room and kitchen ceilings are being installed today. We chose pine slats and will be painting them white. Our flooring was delivered and is sitting in a giant pile in the driveway...waiting to be installed. Lots of electrical work going on. Art room is painted and ready for flooring. And as all this goes on, life is good in the little basement apartment!

3/12/14: Matt textured and painted the entire upstairs this week. The pine ceiling has been installed and painted. We started capping the beam with barnwood. Our bedroom is painted a dreamy grey. The hallway is in the process of being painted a muted mustard yellow. *swoon*. It seems the more we get done, the more I see that needs to get done! Next layout!