how do i get started.jpg're curious. Everyone keeps talking about these amazing oils...but you don't even know where to begin! Let me simplify everything for you...the dōTERRA wholesale membership works just like Costco. Opening a wholesale account gives you access to the biggest savings! You can open the account for $35, or you can do it the smartest way and start with a kit. All of the kits dōTERRA offers have the $35 wholesale fee waived. And...all of the guesswork and overwhelm is completely gone! 

These kits are each expertly designed for a very specific purpose...and I'm going to break it down for you so the decision is easy! Keep in mind that there is never an obligation to sell oils or order monthly with dōTERRA membership. Absolutely no strings attached. Just the highest quality, purest oils available in the world your fingertips! So let's talk about your options! 

natural solutions-NEW.jpg

The Natural Solutions kit is by far our BEST SELLER and for good reason. This well-designed kit will breathe new life into your wellness! It offers you options to help you support your immune system, healthy joints and muscles, focus, sleep and energy -- anything you want to support, there's an option in this kit. These are the most versatile, popular oils, to ensure that you are well equipped to try several options immediately. 

You're getting the top 10 must - have oils in this kit, along with 8 other popular single oils and blends. Lifelong Vitality Pack (our phenomenal supplement system) is included, along with the Lumo 8-hour diffuser (loooooove it…this is the one I use all night long). Serenity, Balance, and Aromatouch are staples for me. The Deep Blue Rub is a must-have as well! You'll be all set with some of the On Guard system and digestive support products. And don't forget about the adorable wooden box. This kit allows you to "skip ahead" in the Loyalty Rewards system to get 15% back in free product every time you order. 


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The Home Essentials Kit is an economical choice for the person who wants the top 10 oils and a diffuser. The oils in this kit are the 10 oils no home should be without! You will have all the oils you need to get started and you can add to your collection as you wish!

SAVE: $86.25 below wholesale

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1 hour personal consultation
Ongoing support in our private online community
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These mini kits are a great option for travel or students, as they are the smaller 5ml bottles. 

Aromatouch Diffused:
Wild Orange
Deep Blue
4-hour Petal Diffuser

Family Essentials:
Deep Blue

KIT PRICES: $150 (each)
SAVE: $36 & $32 below wholesale

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1 hour personal consultation
Ongoing support in our private online community
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There ya have it! My very favorite starter kits. Are there others? Yes...a few more. You can check them out here. But remember, there is a reason why these are my favorite. They give you the best start with your oil experience and the most bang for your buck! 

Still have questions? Need help deciding?
If you still have questions and would like to chat via text or on the phone with me about your options...CLICK THE BUTTON BELOW !

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Step 1: Click the “BUY NOW” button under the kit you would like.

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Frequently Asked Questions:

If I purchase a kit and become a wholesale member, does that mean I have to sell oils to other people?
Absolutely not! You can always just be an enthusiastic oil user and still have your wholesale account. If at any time you decide you'd like to create an income, it's a simple process...and we have a super fun team!

Am I required to purchase monthly with dōTERRA?
Nope! You can make your initial purchase and never buy again if you like. But I guarantee you'll fall in love and you'll be back! There is an OPTIONAL monthly ordering option called Loyalty Rewards, which is just like a frequent flier program. Most of my customers enjoy using this re-ordering method because they get a large amount of free product in return. Each time you order, you will earn a rebate % and that comes back to you in free points. You will also have the chance to get a free bottle of oil every month when you order by the 15th (with a 125pv order). 

How do I re-order?
You will receive your own personal shopping portal and you can order conveniently 24/7 using your discount! 

Can I just order individual bottles of oil?
Yes, but it's not as economical. Almost everyone I help starts with a kit so they can save the most by having the enrollment fee waived. If you do want to custom create your own kit, just choose the $35 Introductory Packet upon checkout and add the bottles you want one by one. 

How will I know how to use everything?
This is my favorite thing about dōTERRA! We are super focused on education. Each kit pictured above comes with a personal consultation with ME! We will walk through your health goals and make sure you feel absolutely confident with your new investment. You will also have access to our private online community...which is over 6,000 strong. It's a great source of knowledge. 

I'd like to learn more about the company and the quality of these oils...where should I go? 
Check out this page on my blog...and watch the video about sourcing.