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When Matt & I decided to explore essential oils as an income-source, we had no idea what an amazing and life-changing journey we were embarking on! We quickly realized that we had found something really special with dōTERRA and within 6 months of teaching our first class, we had replaced Matt's income and began supporting a large organization of leaders who are on that same path! We have now reached the level of Presidential Diamond and we're at a point where we are ready to take on new leaders and teach them to do what we've done!

Is this you?
Are you motivated & passion-driven?
Are you looking for additional income?
Do you love helping people?
Let's talk! You might be a good fit.

Register for a LIVE webinar this Thursday night (12/6/18).
Learn more about what is possible with dōTERRA in this fun and casual chat!

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Why join us?

We strive to create a culture of fun, positivity, and excitement on our team. We celebrate each others successes and share information freely! We also love traveling to tropical locations together! In fact, almost everyone in the photo below had their entire vacation to Dominican Republic completely paid for by dōTERRA!

We have a proven track record of helping our leaders find success quickly. Not without hard work...but we know how to guide you and help you achieve your dreams! We've figured out the best way to build a successful that you don't have to re-invent the wheel.  

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Our team is passionate about oils and helping others get healthy physically and financially...and there is a wealth of information being shared on our private training site every day on how to do just that. 

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When you join our TRIBE, you can expect...

  • Connection to a local team. We have leaders all over the country and can connect you with a group near you for addition to the support you'll receive from us personally.

  • LIVE weekly training calls. These short topical calls are also recorded for you to listen any time.

  • Video chats with Sara & her inspiring leaders for sharing ideas / mentoring

  • A proven system for success with easy to follow steps

  • Access to our private training site...which is a wealth of information on how to be successful!

  • Personal development coaching and leadership training

  • A generous compensation plan

  • Weekly mentoring calls to generate ideas & create accountability (if desired)

  • TRIBEretreat (our yearly summer gathering in Boulder, CO - video above), national conventions, and regional trainings.

What does it take to get started?

1. Choose a starter kit & start using your oils.
You can join our TRIBE with any starter kit. However, there are 3 entrepreneur kits we encourage our leaders to choose from: The Natural Solutions Kit, The Every Oil Kit, or The Diamond Kit. The Natural Solutions kit is definitely the most popular option at $550 (with 100 points in credit to spend as well). It includes ALL of our most popular oils, the 8 hour diffuser, our incredible supplement system, and MORE! Everything you need to teach classes and get super confident with everything! You are also welcome to join our team at ANY level of investment. Let's get creative to help you live your dreams!

2. Set up your monthly personal order for 100PV. 
This is the one and only requirement for you to receive a paycheck. There are plenty of amazing products in addition to oils that you can switch over in your regular budget...including vitamins, toothpaste, laundry detergent, etc. It's easy to cover this by reallocating a few items in your budget...that you are purchasing anyway elsewhere.

3. Start sharing oils with all of your friends and family.
Give samples and share what you love! It's easy to build an essential oil business in an authentic way because you fall in love with the oils and want to share them with everyone naturally! I don't ever feel like I am "selling"...just helping others' find natural solutions for their health issues. I love seeing radical changes in someone's daily existence because of oils!

4. Get paid weekly...I love this part!
We have an extremely generous compensation plan...and our goal is to help you make money as quickly as possible while helping as many people as possible! 

5. Dream bigger.
As your business will realize that this is bigger than you imagined and your dreams will naturally grow bigger as well!

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Wanna hear more?
We'd love to set up a time to chat and answer any questions you may have! Fill out the form below and we will contact you within 24 hours.  

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