stayathomegypsy copy.jpg
  1. I could eat watermelon every day.

  2. And spring rolls with peanut sauce.

  3. I have my pilot's license.

  4. The redwoods have my heart.

  5. But the ocean calls my name the loudest.

  6. I was a photographer in the Air National Guard for 6 years.

  7. I don't wear socks to bed.

  8. I have one tattoo, a small butterfly on my ankle.

  9. I'm obsessed with snorkling.

  10. I adore Jesus. But I'm not your typical "Christian".

  11. I love reading. But rarely fiction.

  12. And mostly on Audible.

  13. Matt told his friends he was going to marry me 30 minutes after meeting me.

  14. I adore flags of all kinds. Especially prayer flags.

  15. I love birds. Feeding birds. Watching birds. Analyzing birds.

  16. I played basketball, softball, tennis, and ran track in high school.

  17. I was also a cheerleader.

  18. I love wine. Drinking it with friends on a patio...even better.

  19. If you hug me, you will smell patchouli.

  20. I've been to HoopCamp in Santa Cruz, CA.

  21. Yes, like summer camp for hula hoopers.

  22. I grew up in Iowa.

  23. I have a degree in graphic design & photography.

  24. Before I decided on that, it was commercial aviation, and then elementary ed.

  25. If you handed me a $100 bill, I would take you out for sushi.

  26. I don't like arbitrary rules.

  27. Confession: I like paper towels.

  28. I love the movie Top Gun.

  29. My dad was a Top Gun pilot.

  30. Yes, he is awesome.

  31. Speaking of parents, my mom used to hand sew all of our Halloween outfits.

  32. For 5 kids. She is awesome too.

  33. I like to say the word sh*t sometimes. Try it, it's fun.

  34. And maybe some other colorful words when appropriate.

  35. Breakfast on Saturday is eggs, pancakes, and bacon. Made by my Matty.

  36. I was a vegetarian for 7 years. I blogged about it here.

  37. I feel most like myself barefoot on the beach.

  38. I was an expert marksman in the military.

  39. Favorite movie series: The Bourne Identity

  40. When I want to laugh, I watch James Corden's car karaoke.

  41. My earliest memory is telling my mom I did NOT want a brother.

  42. Matt and I met when he was studying to be a youth pastor.

  43. I have given birth to all three of my girls at home in a blow up tub.

  44. We traveled the entire country in an RV that ran on straight veggie oil.

  45. South Africa has a piece of my heart.

  46. We have owned 11 campers/motorhomes/trailers in the past 10 years.

  47. I love yoga. Buti is my soul workout.

  48. Essential oils make me crazy happy.

  49. I like to wear bracelets. LOTS of them at one time.

  50. I have A LOT of plants. Succulents & cacti are my fave.