Coming Soon...The Happy Janssen Farm!

on the road We're on the move again! No, not back on the road. Just down the road.

The one year lease at our current house expired a few months ago, and we were free to explore other options. We really do love our current home, but it's on a super busy road and we've known for quite awhile that this was not where we would stay. But try as we would...we just could NOT find a house that felt right. We looked and looked. Set up many, many appointments to go see. But we would continually come home discouraged.

We agreed that God was urging us to pursue contentment for the time being. To become OBSESSED with being content. And all that comes with it. We cultivated hearts of gratitude. We focused on the things about our current house that we LOVED. We rearranged. We painted. We downsized. We waited.

Waited for God to show us HIS plan.

A month ago, Matt showed me a house that seemed perfect for us. Too perfect. But alas, it was for sale and we were looking to rent. I jokingly said we should "see if they want to rent it instead". We forgot about it and went along on our way.

Then, a week later, Matt showed me the same house. Again. This was up for rent.

We sensed a shift. Something magical. God's hand at work.

It's been quite the process, as we were not the only family who thought it would be perfect. But it turns out God's plan is pretty amazing!

WALKING Today we signed the lease for a 1.3 acre farm, just southeast of Longmont. It's only 5 minutes from downtown, but is perfectly pastoral and rural. An oasis of quiet...with expansive mountain views. We've been looking for something like this for about 6 months (and for much longer in our hearts)...a place to grow and learn new skills. Somewhere with outdoor roaming possibilities. A home that is completely different than what we have experienced before.

chicken coop

And this is definitely DIFFERENT! Let's get to the most exciting part first...we get to have ANIMALS! The farm comes with 25 chickens. TWENTY-FIVE. They lay beautiful eggs...enough for us and for friends and family. I am over the moon. I have wanted chickens for so long. SO LONG!

purple hunters

It may or may not be because I want to wear these purple boots while I feed them. :) friend Michelle has 2 adorable Nigerian Dwarf goats for us to adopt. Their names? Cloud & Clover. I'm in love. Have you ever seen one? Here they are in all their glory:

Here they are (upper right) just after they were born.

goat babies

This is our cute little barn...where the goaties will live: barn And lastly, I've already been looking for a llama to join our crew. Her name shall be Gypsy. Llamas make me so happy. Did you know that they will protect/guard your goat or sheep herd as their own? They will. Check it out.

photo 4 copy The gardens are magnificent. Raised beds in lovely shapes. I've never gardened a day in my life. Well, except when I was young and my parents used "weeding the green beans" as punishment. :) My dad was an amazing gardener back in the day. I'm so thrilled to carry on his gardening legacy. Of course, I'm going to put him to work weeding green beans as soon as he arrives this summer! :) I can't wait to stand next to him with the sun on our backs and discuss tomatoes and garlic.

Now...on to the other goodies:

  • 1700 sq ft...just the right size.
  • 2 bedroom, 1.5 bath (do you know how excited I am to have an extra toilet?)
  • solar panels + passive solar
  • open concept with wood burning stove
  • stone-floored sun room for art and office
  • five burner gas range / dishwasher / huge fridge / granite counters
  • real hardwood floors
  • clay walls in some rooms
  • lovely patios and outdoor dining opportunities
  • apple, cherry, and peach trees
  • a trampoline! the girls will tell you this is their favorite thing...
  • ...and a wood-fired hot tub!

wood fired hot tub

We have felt the pull to open our home up to more hospitality opportunities...from overnight guests to impromptu dinner parties and bonfires. It's been a challenge in our current space to do that, especially with families that have a lot of kids. This home will allow us to spread out a bit more and will be perfect for hosting.

There is also a fair-weather stand alone studio with a bed, kitchenette, and desk for guests. LOVE this. They have hosted many WWOOFers in the past and we would love to continue that.

The property is large enough to house our fifth wheel, and also visiting friends with RV's! We can't wait to have "insta-neighbors" again. Come see us y'all!

I've been in research mode. Big time. I wish there were 105 hours in the I could read more! bookies

I'm so loving "Made from Scratch" and "Barnheart". Such fun reads. "The Dirty Life" is another that I have loaded to my Kindle that I look forward to reading every night!

bookies 2

These are also all fantastic! My mind and heart are ALIVE WITH POSSIBILITY. So much to learn. So much to plan. So much to love.

The countdown is on. We will move out of our current house in 5 weeks, into the RV. And then will move into the house/farm on June 1...just in time for a beautiful Colorado summer!

So there it is. Another life change. But really...

“Life is either a daring adventure or nothing at all.”

* Helen Keller

Unschooling Mamas on the Town

Once a month, local unschooling moms gather for a night out. I am so grateful for this lively and beautiful group of women...we shared a lovely meal and thoughtful conversations.

And now have a new favorite restaurant in Longmont!

We celebrated two birthdays...

And one of the mamas baked two pies for the birthday girls...yum yum! It was a great night. Thankful to have a support network full of amazing women...and also for a night out before this babe makes an appearance.

Play Play Play

We have been scouring Craigslist for the past month...looking for the perfect play structure for the girls. We've found many...but the prices were anywhere from $200 to $5,000. We knew we didn't want to spend much, so we just kept on the hunt.

However, this weekend we found one in Lyons that was in pretty rough shape, but they were only asking $60 for it. We offered $40 and they accepted!

Matt had to disassemble the entire thing, cut it in half, and bring it home to re-build it.

That same day, he found some scrap Trex decking to re-do the main deck of the playhouse. Score! It's times like this that I am REALLY in awe of my husband's amazing skills. He reconfigured the structure to fit around the existing trees and made it fit perfectly in our little backyard...which was no small task.

This is how the girls feel about their new playground! Thank you Daddy!

Endless hours of fun...a trapeze bar, 2 swings, a rope climb, a slide, and a fort. Even more fun will be had when we add the sand to the lower sandbox area! Praising God for this blessing.