wine and happy I read books one sentence at a time. Having three little girls means that I hear "Mama watch me!!" every 30 seconds...which makes reading a full  page, much less a full book almost impossible. So tonight after supper, Matt took the girls for a bit and I poured myself a glass of wine and opened Jenna Woginrich's delicious book, "Barnheart: The Incurable Longing for a Farm of One's Own".


The one sentence that really stuck out to me tonight was this one:

"My God...this is all mine! For at least a year, this is all mine..." I grinned like an idiot.

I can relate to her giddiness. For at least a year...this farm is all ours. And I am DEFINITELY grinning like an idiot every time I think of it!

Her description of the first time she arrived at her little Vermont homestead had me riveted. Reading about the feelings she had the first time she laid eyes on her farm...I could SO relate. I just love her writing style so much and I enjoy reading throughher blog, Cold Antler Farm, as well. I have already finished Made From Scratch, which was delightful.

Sometimes, if I love a book enough, in addition to checking it out from the library, I will buy it for my Kindle too. Why? Because my GUARANTEED reading times are between 11pm-3am. In bed. While nursing. The Kindle app on my iPhone gets a lot of use during those hours. Barnheart is soon to be downloaded. I'm sure of it. :)

As I was clicking around Jenna's blog and clicked over to Rosie's. Which led me to this awesome site...Screen Shot 2013-04-16 at 9.15.20 PM

Conversations With Farm Women, a Celebration of Beauty and better believe my heart started beating faster. Pitter stories will do that to me. So will spotting an amazing barn from the highway. Or seeing a goat bouncing around. I've got it bad folks.

A case of Barnheart.

Books Make Us Happy

One of the best parts about settling down in one place is....


We love the library. I mean...c'mon! Who doesn't love the library?! For me, it's like retail therapy. Only it's free. And Bella just loves picking out the books and DVDs and being able to check them all out on her own with her OWN card.

This week we met up with our friends...and it was so fun, I think it will become a weekly occurrence for all of us. The Longmont library is really set up nice for all ages and we feel so blessed.

We have found some really WONDERFUL books there lately, and I wanted to share them with you. These are books that Bella keeps asking to read again and again.


Old Henry: Oh my goodness. After checking this out, we knew we had to own it. It's about accepting people for who they are and getting along. :)

All The Places To Love: This book has the most AMAZING illustrations. And there is a homebirth in it. I adore this book. Sometimes we just sit and stare at the paintings in silent awe.

Wilfrid Gordon McDonald Partridge: This one also has fabulous's about a little boy who lives next door to and "old folks home". He helps one of the old women "find her memories again". Super sweet.

What children's books are you reading and loving right now?