She Made Me a Blueberry Pie

Last Thursday, we excitedly awaited the arrival of our dear friend Jen and her daughters. She lives north about an hour...and it's just been way too long since we sat down and connected hearts like proper friends should.

She came bearing these amazing pieces of pottery...that she created with her own hands! For ME! She filled the adorable pie plate with blueberry pie and I filled the mug with coffee. Both were devoured immediately after this photo was taken. This is the same Jen who baked me a pie with a goat on it when we moved to the farm. Oh how I love her. So thoughtful and true.

We soaked up sunshine on the deck...surrounded by tall swaying trees, prayer flags and giggling girls. 

Our conversation meandered from succulents and gardening to yoga and self care. We climbed our biggest rock and looked out to the Denver skyline...savoring each moment together.

We headed up the road to explore and hike a bit. The girls collected rocks covered with lichen and climbed light-drenched trees while Jen and I made plans to visit Golden and paint hiking sticks together. 

Fresh mountain air enjoyed with a friend is straight up medicine for the soul. Connection and laughter and movement...all things needed for a healthy life. 

Tell me how YOU make it a priority to connect
with friends you love!


Colorado Arrivals

friendsIf there is one thing I know for's that I have amazing friends. They have shaped me. Changed me. Blessed me. They are each inspiring in their own way. I am so so so excited that a bunch of them are coming to see me in Colorado in April!

Monica arrives the 19th and Sarah will be around these parts for a couple weeks visiting family. Natalie, Jen, Jen, Jennifer, Khrista, and Rachel arrive the 26th from all over the country for one craaaaaaazy weekend. :) Many of them have never met each other...they only know each other from Instagram, so it will be awesome indeed. Get ready Colorado!

Their blogs and Instagram feeds are on my list of "daily check-ins". I know you'll love them I just have to share! I could write LONG, separate blog posts on each of these women. Yes, they are all that cool. Click the photos below to be taken to their little worlds...

(sweet rock magnet created by the talented Amy Komar! card given by my dear Jess, who just visited me in Colorado herself!)










The Valadao Family :: Help for the Struggle

Five years ago, I told you about our friends Rebecca & Mauro. Mauro was diagnosed with anaplastic astrocytoma in frontal/temperal lobes of brain. Brain cancer.

He underwent surgery, radiation & chemo...and he FOUGHT. He surprised the doctors and beat the odds when the cancer went dormant. We all rejoiced with them!

Life after cancer wasn't easy, but it was GOOD. Their sweet little family moved to California while Rebecca studied to be a midwife and Mauro continued to teach and become incredibly respected in the world of capoeira.

But in April 2012, they received the dreaded news...the cancer was back.

Mauro re-started chemo therapy, but surgery was not an option this time around.

He underwent 4 rounds chemo using a top-of-the-line medicine. During round five, Mauro experienced increased symptoms...headaches and seizures which led to a hospital trip and stay.

While they were there, they learned that the tumor had grown from 3cm in size to 7cm in 5 wk period. The chemo was not working.

So they moved on to plan B. Use a different chemo with another med to slow blood supply to tumor. Surgery is still not an option due to how fast tumor is growing...but there is only a 40% chance that the new medications will work.

And that brings us to today.

He is now in week 3 of this new 6-week  chemo regimen.

And things are hard. They don't know how much time he has left.

They are struggling...

...with the emotional weight of this disease on Mauro and on family. ...with the financial burdens of mortgage, health insurance premiums, gas, food, supplements, etc ...with the fact that neither of them can work right now due to Mauro being ill and Rebecca being his main caregiver. ...with Mauro's family being far away in Brazil.

Even in the struggle, they continue to focus on gratitude.

In their own words: ...for every minute together. ...for every prayer and positive energy sent out into the universe for our family. ...for the challenge of this situation strengthening our marriage and our family as a whole. ...for community, friends, and friends of friends. ...for family. ...for mental and spiritual growth. ...for baby smiles, Bianca's laughter, and my love's kisses.

Rebecca is one of my dearest, most beloved friends. Her spirit is woven into my very being...I am who I am today because of her. Our friendship has stood the test of time and distance and it's heart-wrenching to see them hurting like this.

Rebecca gave birth to Isabel just 1 week after Emma was born.

Bianca and Bella have been best buds since they met when they were ONE! They have ridiculous amounts of fun when they are together.

We have shared meals & laughter, music & camping...celebrated birthdays and anniversaries together.

And now I am asking for your help.

Today, they face the decision to pay for either Mauro's medical insurance or their mortgage. I know that we can come alongside them in this difficult time and offer encouragement in the form of financial help. I am asking that you would give...even help our sweet friends. Thank you so much for loving them.

*every dollar you give goes directly to their personal Paypal account and will be applied towards mortgage, medical bills, and every day needs.*you can read more about Mauro's story here.
Photo credit: Tiffani - Freeplaylife Photography