She-Ra and Underdogs

And....we're back! Life is finally getting back to "normal" around here...with lots of giggles, jumping, and fun.

This photo makes me smile because it captures my girls doing the things they love the most right now. Lucy is opening my wallet to take out all the cards and then put them back in. Bella is dashing about and "protecting" the house with her amazing sword a la She-Ra.

And more She-Ra action. Every time I see this sword, I think of the amazing time we had at Hill Shade. Our friend Chris made this sword...all the kids had them while we were there. I can't believe it's already been a year since we spent that time many sweet memories.

I always look forward to this moment in the day (ok, ok...the mate happens several times a day). I'm thinking I should probably start beekeeping soon...we go through so much honey!

We ended our day with a trip to the park...with big sisters giving underdogs and mama hoopin' it up.

The past couple of days we've taken our music and hoops with us and it's so fun to watch the community spirit grow...just by throwing down a bunch of colorful plastic. We've even convinced a 52-year-old ex-gang member to give it a whirl with his grandkids :) I can't wait until it's even warmer so we can just stay there all day!

What are you most looking forward to this spring?



Hoop City Online Hooping Class WINNER...

And the Hoop City Giveaway winner is...

"Wildish Woman" from High on Butterfly Wings! will LOVE your online hoop classes. I've been having such fun downloading the different lessons and connecting with other hoopers out there. I can't wait to finish these classes so I can move on to the next one! Yes, I'm addicted ;-)

The thing that I like best is that I can work through the classes completely at my own pace and that I can download the videos to my computer and/or iPhone and have them with me wherever I'm hooping! These takes away the annoyance of streaming if your connection is slow.

I've checked out another online hoop class, but SaFire's classes are hands down the most thorough, high quality (video quality and quality of content) that I've come across. She is highly active on the boards and gives great feedback. If you are considering an online hooping class, don't hesitate at all. It's awesome!

The best part is that she covers all of the "hooping secrets" that the free YouTube tutorials miss out on...things like flow and combination building, hand placement, etc. I feel like my knowledge of hooping in general is exponentially higher after being in her classes.

Go check it out...and have fun hooping!

Photo Credit: SaFire