Bella Turns Ten


One decade ago, we welcomed Miss Isabella Grace into our lives. She was born into her Daddy's hands in a home waterbirth...weighing in at 9 lbs. 12 oz!  We had no idea what we were doing, but we had a stack of cloth diapers, a bunch of slings, and a boppy. Our main objective every day was to stare at her as much as possible, studying every detail of her little face.

Fast forward...and now we have THIS! A vibrant and shining young woman who is full of life and dreams. She spent almost 4 years of her young life traveling the country...and had more experiences under her belt by age 7 than most do when they are 50!

One particular memory that stands out was in Malibu, California. I couldn't find her for a moment. After determining that she hadn't launched herself off the cliff into the ocean,  I located her...sitting with the neighbors next door. None of them spoke much English...they were from Germany and France. But Bella didn't care. She had taken up a seat around their fire and was animatedly "talking" with them. Eating their cheese and crackers. 

She has always been that way...engaging everyone she meets!

Each flame here represents a year of growth...unique, happy, amazing years. 

Lucy's eyes tell the story here. She wants to be just like her big sister...and wants to be with her constantly, as evidenced by much kicking of doors. ;-) Bella graciously takes her under her wing, and they have many adventures together.

Bella's current passions are many...interior design, fashion design, Harry Potter, Minecraft, singing, dancing, and parkour. She stays up late, sleeps in late, and is growing growing growing. Pretty soon, we'll be sharing clothes and shoes!

Nana and Papa have been at every single birthday party for the last 10 years...and this year was no exception. It was such fun to have them (and my brother Scotty!) in our new home for the celebration...eating meals on scaffolding and giggling at doggie antics. 

Many hours were spent on lawn chairs in front of the fire. Laughing and talking about life's joys and challenges. 

And this. Power rangers and card games. So many card games. Kings in the Corner and Slapjack are favorites. 

Nana and Papa have gone back to Iowa now...and we are back to house projects and welcoming the spring to the mountains!

Happy TENTH year of life Bella Boo!

One Month of Nesting Gypsy!

lead me in.jpg

This morning I'm watching snow float down from the's so peaceful and quiet here on the mountaintop. It's hard to believe just one month ago TODAY, life looked oh so very different! On the morning of February 7,  I sat on my couch at the farm and nervously/excitedly pressed PUBLISH. And then I waited. Waited for YOU!

And you liked it! In that moment, I shared tears and joy with my "blog doula", Hillary Rain. In the time we spent working together on my blog design, she became dear to my heart and someone I will forever call "friend".  If you are looking for something different and desire someone magical to walk alongside you and help you create a new blog or a blog re-design...she is your girl. Your perfect fit. Her creative process and her attention to detail far exceeded my expectations. I could go on and on...but you really should just click over there and get a quote! And while you're over there, read her beautiful words and sign up for her eCourses. Her words are so full of life, I just can't get enough. 

It's been such a joy interacting and getting to know all of you even better than before and to meet so many new readers as well! I sort of surprised myself by posting 5 days a the middle of a move. The principle of "creativity breeds creativity" definitely applies here, it's so much easier sharing with you daily than monthly or every couple of months. I re-discovered my love of writing and it encourages me to live my life with eyes wide open. My goal is to continue this schedule as much as I can...I have a huge list of things I want to share with you and love connecting here in this space. 

And so on this Friday, after a week of little girls puking and canceling THREE play dates...I'm looking forward to some fun!  My sister-in-love, Jess, surprised me by flying my sister, Laura here! I thought that I was just meeting Jess for a last-minute sushi date in Boulder...boy was I wrong! What a great start to my weekend! Happy Friday everyone!

Little One

It's a strange and wonderful thing to see your brother become a Daddy. To see the softness in his eyes as he holds his first born son. A new awareness opening up...a different world to embrace.

Jessica and Dan welcomed Daniel Hughes Otis II into the world on Wednesday afternoon...weighing in at 7 lbs. 2 oz. Such a sweet little peanut.

I love seeing his tiny little body in his Daddy's hands...

...and to watch Jessica in her role as MOTHER...the long awaited is here!

His cousins are over the in love with this little one.

Nana and Papa seem to like him a bit too :)

Proud papa.

Man to man talks already...

Sleeping soundly.

They are settling into their nest at home now...we can't wait to go visit again soon!

Welcome to the world Daniel!