Fourteen and Still Falling

At 7am this morning, it was completely silent...with snowflakes still falling. Matt and I spoke quietly while he got ready to leave for work in the winter wonderland.

And then two little girls woke up and with glee they immediately started putting on their snow gear.

Traipsing through 14+ inches.

In the deep.

And they're back in again. I'm sure we'll repeat this process several times today. In the meantime, there will be hot muffins and tea and togetherness. Oh, and Sufjan's Christmas album. :)

A Snowy Surprise

The girls were THRILLED to see snow outside our window just a week after moving to the mountains. The big, fluffy flakes danced down slowly from the sky all day...finally stopping after about 7 inches had piled up. It was so fun to see the landscape change in such a dramatic way. We're looking forward to lots of snow to play in this winter!

Snow against weathered wood and aspens...I love it.

Still coming down.

A few days burly mountain man worked on getting all of our firewood in order.

He had an enthusiastic (and cute) little helper.

I'm sure glad we were prepared...

...there is nothing quite like a crackling, toasty fire inside with the snow falling outside!

Exploring Our Side of the Mountain

We are quickly understanding why people move up to the mountains and stay forever. It's wonderful to have such amazing beauty and open space just outside our door!

This is our house on the left...looking down the valley.

Walking down to the creek...on quiet mornings if we stand on the deck, we can hear it rushing down the mountainside.

The aspens surrounding our deck...these beauties have since dropped all of their leaves. We've been watching the seasons change before our eyes...we feel so much more connected with God and His creation up here!

There is a great hiking/biking path just minutes away.

We admired the glowing aspens...

...and gathered up treasures to take home.

The next time we explore this trail, we will most likely have our snow shoes on!

How have you been exploring the world around you this fall season?