Life in Longmont

Oh where to begin? There is much to tell and my heart is full. So without further ado, I give you...the big life update.

We moved into a rental house in Longmont, Colorado on December 31. This little house couldn't be more perfect. I know, I do we find these places, right? It was built in 1910, but it's been remodeled nicely and has paint colors that jive with our style already. It's in a perfectly wonderful part of town...close to parks, the library, and most importantly, the Thai restaurant. ;) Oh, did I mention the adorable little backyard that is perfect for entertaining and hooping? See the tour here.

Matt is working in Boulder for my brother's company, and it's just a short drive away with mountain views the entire way.  It's been different having him gone all day at work, but we are slowly adjusting and finding our new rhythm after 4 years of having him at home. I'll be writing more about that soon.

I am looking forward to doing more photography...if you are in the area, I'd love to do your family/child/engagement photos. And please share my website with your friends!

Speaking of friends :) It's not often that you can move to a completely new community and have an instant network of friends...but that's exactly what we have here. Some of our dearest and oldest friends, Kris and Natalie, live here. Natalie knows me so completely. We've been through the highest highs and the lowest lows of life together. Oh how I love her!

Kris and Matt are like two peas in a pod. Both towering over the general population at 6'6"...they make quite the pair. We've been creating memories together since our college days...and we're all looking forward to making many more!

They have been out here for about 5 years planting house churches...and we will be jumping right in alongside them. Matt led worship this last week and again this week. He has missed that so much. We're excited to be plugged back into a home church community.

I also have a slew of blog friends that live in the Denver metro area...and I already have plans to meet up with many lovely ladies. My brother, Scotty, is now working in Boulder's been so great seeing him all the time. My brother Dan, and Jess are here often as well. aunt/uncle/cousins live in we have no shortage of family here!

Longmont is just a fun place to be. And with a population of almost 90,000, there is a lot to do.  There is a wonderful rec center with an indoor water park, there are yoga studios, tons of parks, museums, great shops and restaurants. Denver is just 45 minutes away and Boulder is just 20 minutes away. Or, we can go north to Loveland or Ft. Collins!  Or all of beautiful Colorado for that matter.

The hooping community here is also amazing. I have many friends from Hoopcamp who live here and attend different jams all over the area. There is always something "hoopy" going on...including the upcoming Spin Summit! Woooo!

Longmont also has a strong network of homeschoolers and learning opportunities abound.

Need I go on? It's pretty much the perfect place for us right now. Which leads me to the next thing...

We're staying!

Our hearts are settled and we love it here. We never planned on traveling full-time forever...although we will always call ourselves "travelers". It's funny...we never thought we would end up in this area. But God has a way of changing things up when you least expect it. Some of you may wonder how we can "give it all up". Especially when life on the road seems so perfect. But it's time. It's time to slow it down. Create community. Give our girls some roots. Make new traditions.

Will we miss our life on the road? Of course. Is this a HUGE change for us? Yes.

We will miss meeting up with so many amazing people...BUT, there are still new people to meet and new experiences to have right here at "home". We have a new life, a new normal, and a new vision for our future. And someday when the time is right, we will travel again.

The RV will be up for sale shortly...if you're in the market for a sweet, family-friendly 40-foot RV that runs on veggie oil, feel free to email us for details.

For the rest of into Denver are cheap! Come and visit! Oh, and there are 2 houses for rent on our street. Who wants to be my neighbor?