Everyone Loves Baby Goats

Baby farm animals are CUTE. But in my opinion, baby GOATS are the CUTEST. :) When Michelle said we could come up and see her 2 day old kids, I  couldn't get there fast enough! I was so excited. Especially knowing that we are probably going to be having some goat babies of our own in the next year. It made it that much sweeter!

This one was my favorite...the coloring is so yummy!

The kids hanging out.

Proud nursing mama.

Kid kisses.


Michelle encourages and congratulates Mama Truffles on a job well done! For more "coverage" of the birth...check out my friend Amy's blog over at Crunchy Domestic Goddess. Her new official title is "The Goat Doula". :)

Here is a little compilation video of all the clips I took while we were there! Be warned...if you don't already have goat envy, you will after this video. :)

the big goats
the big goats

Of course, we had to stop over and see the other goaties and Oreo the Llama as well.

Gimme Love
Gimme Love

Goats LOVE attention! And we love giving it :)

Before we left, Michelle showed us the chicks that had just hatched that morning...there is always something new happening on the farm!

**The other family photographed here is my awesome unschooling friend Lisha and her girls. They are moving from Colorado to northern Idaho tomorrow! If any of you are in Idaho or know like-minded mamas in that area...let me know!!