It's time for a whole new kind of love story.

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The mere mention of the word has my grandmothers running for the hills. But I have always been drawn to them, for as long as I can remember. 

This is my story. In this dreadlock memoir I tell you what drew me to lock my hair, how I maintained them, what life was like for me—you haven't lived until you've had your dreads nibbled on by goats, let me tell you!—and what, seven years later, ultimately led me to release them.

But this is not only my story. As my family and I lived on the road, I met so many shining dreadlocked beauties over the years and there's nothing like locks to give you an instant tribe! Besides our immediate connections I always enjoyed hearing their stories. From deep philosophical reasons to a simple “I just liked them,” each journey is so personal and unique. As I continued to write about my own experience it became clear that I needed to include the stories of my friends, too.

And so The Dreadlock Journey—Conversations on Life, Love, & Locks was born. This dreadlock collective is the first anthology of its kind. Whether you've had dreads for years, are just starting out, or are simply curious why someone would want to do that to their hair!? this book is for you! 


“I was at a concert as a young teen and saw a beautiful woman perform with long dreadlocks and a nose piercing. I was smitten.” —Mandy Steward

“Dreading my hair was a very spiritual decision for me. I had just surfaced from a tender and emotional 4.5 year fertility journey and adoption process. I was in such a powerful space of healing in regards to my womanhood and dreadlocks symbolized my rising from the ashes.”  —Denise Andrade-Kroon

“Looking back I can see the spiritual lessons they taught me about judgment, vanity, and acceptance, especially of myself—choosing to love and accept myself despite what others were capable of supporting.”—Tara Wagner

Imagine the wisdom of their collective stories available at your fingertips.

Dreadlocks are like a secret portal to a whole new and mesmerizing world, aren't they? So many people tell me they've always wanted them but don't know where to begin!

The unknown puts a lot of dreams on hold
...and I'm here to change that. 

The Dreadlock Journey—Conversations on Life, Love, and Locks offers not only a yummy collection of locking stories but you will also read about different methods used, the emotional, spiritual, and practical pros and cons of dreadlocks, and a wealth of information to help you make empowered and informed choices about your own hair!


What people are saying...


"The Dreadlock Journey is such a luscious ebook. It's beautifully written and absolutely gorgeous. It's full of great information, inspiration, and encouragement for anyone who is on (or is considering embarking upon) their own dreadlock journey. I adore this book!"   - Beth


"Sara's book was a joy to read and I finished it in one day!  It is such a great resource and it gave me the extra nudge to get my own dreadlocks! Beautiful people and stories make this book absolutely one of my favorites."   - Brittney


"LOVED it! I love hearing about other experiences with dreads and hair! This ebook is especially great for those who don't have dreads yet, and are on the fence about getting them, or just for those who want to know more about them. Reading this has definitely made me miss my own dreads!"   - Amanda


"The Dreadlock journey inspired me! For so long I have dreamed ofdreading my hair and reading all about different peoples experiences hasmade me want to let go of my fear and do iteven more. Such a wealth of information and inspiration. The ebook is beautifully designed. Thank you for sharing your experience, your wisdom and the stories of all those beautiful dreaded people." - Shelby


So you've always wanted to lock your hair, but have been too nervous / scared / uncertain to try?

Have you always wondered ...

  • Do I have to shave my head if I don't want dreadlocks anymore?
  • What about lice?
  • What about the saying that all dreadies are just dirty hippies? Is that true?
  • Can I still wash my hair with dreadlocks?
  • My hair is very fine. Can I still have dreads?
  • How do you do dreads, anyway?

My book will answer all of these questions and more! Think of The Dreadlock Journey as an insider's guide that will demystify the process for you. It will give you the inspiration and confidence you need to begin! The Dreadlock Journey features stories from Mandy Steward, Denise Andrade, Pixie Campbell, Emily Falconbridge, Hillary Rain, Tara Wagner, Catina Jane, and SO many more lovelies. 32 to be exact! And of course, my dread-cutting story is included as well, along with other bonus goodies!

Where else could you be advised by a gathering of beauties such as these? 

**Please note that The Dreadlock Journey is an eBook and you will be able to immediately download it to your computer or phone. No hard copy will be shipped.

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+ Top 10 Questions About Dreadlocks
+ Dreadlock Resources...all my favorite stuff!
+ The story of cutting my dreads after 7 years


Don't let fear hold you back...

The Dreadlock Journey 3D Horizontal Cover FINAL.png
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