On The Road Again

We are finally settled in Bozeman, and now we're off traveling again for 6 weeks! :) We've been in Des Moines for the past 2 weeks doing some work for my parents and now we're heading to Boulder, CO for Matt to work on a construction project with my brother. We'll be back home around March 15 or a little after.  I've been to several playgroups and a knitting circle (see above photo....and no, I don't knit...but had fun watching!)...and have had great conversation over Thai food with many friends (Bozeman has none...so I'm in heaven).

While we've been back, I've also been to a prenatal yoga class at The Family Tree (the "famous" Sandi Hoover was out of town, but Birdie did a great job filling in), had the most AMAZING massage by Maggie McGinnis...prenatal massage extraordinaire, and had an adjustment with the lovely Dr. Jen at Balanced Life Chiropractic (she offered to adjust us for free when we were on tour and I just now took her up on it...thanks Jen!!).

And now we're looking forward to the next leg of our trip.  If you live in the Boulder area, let me know if there is fun stuff happening. We'll be staying with some of our very best friends in Lafayette for the first 2 weeks (yay!), but will be in a rental in Boulder for the last 2 weeks.

Click here to see photos of our time in Des Moines.