When I am afraid, I will trust in you. *Psalm 56:3

We've spent the last 6 days in rain. Pouring, pounding, rain. With a little tornado thrown in for good measure. The irony is that we are in the desert. We thoroughly expected for it to be warm, sunny, and generally amazing. It wasn't.

But today, the sun is out. Things are drying out...and we are moving on. I am slowly learning to appreciate the beauty and the process in the rain...and not focus entirely upon the storm.

And such is life. Things don't go as we expect. Our ideas of how things are "supposed" to be are shattered. But we serve a sovereign God who KNOWS what He has planned for us. And they are good things. We may not see the purpose of the hard times initially. But He is always forming, always planning, always knowing, always doing what is BEST for His children. He knows about the rain and He can handle it. Rest and let Him. And after the rain...a rainbow.