Slices of Life

Tara Whitney just issued a fabulous challenge:

Take a photo of your family once a month. Write a few things about that month. Make it into a book at the end of the year.

Yes! I LOVE this idea. It's amazing how many families there are who have NEVER had their photo taken. They just never take the time to all sit down (or stand up!) and take a photo. The days get busy. Tempers run short. And it's forgotten. I'm guilty of this too. We do family photos...but not enough! Being a photographer, it seems I'm always snapping photos of everyone else's family, but never mine (with ME actually in the photo). And having a physical, "in your hands", book of the journey if even more fun. It's one thing to blog about it, but to bind it up at the end of the year is even more fun. And a great Christmas gift for someone special this December!

I'm definitely going to take part in her challenge...I can do anything once a MONTH! Instead of the 365 project, it will be my "12 Project" :) Even if you only have a camera phone, have someone take your family's photo once a month. Or use a timer on your camera. Or do the "long arm shot". Just do it. Your family and your memories are worth preserving!

Read her blog post for more details.