Fighting for Joy: 5 Ways to Find Peace


This is what it looks like when I launch a new blog, finish an eBook, and move all in the same week. It's strange that the magical mess makers are conveniently missing from the photo. They're like ninjas.

At the end of the day, Matt swoops in like a knight in shining armor and has the entire thing gleaming in 15 minutes.  Oh how I love him! I breathe a weary sigh of relief and retreat to a quiet spot for a few minutes. Until the little tribe finds me. They always find me. 

But the funny thing is...when I am in the midst of the tornado of daily life and high heels are flying and dogs are chewing the heads off the toy's so difficult for me to remember that my knight is on his way. I forget that I have someone who saves the day. Every day.

Because my eyes are on the current crisis. 

It's similar to me & Jesus. During the hard days, I sometimes forget I have a savior who is ready and waiting to hear my cries...catching every tear. And believe me, there are tears. From mama and children. So much more now that we have THREE little loves. Three times the happiness, three times the feelings!


A few days ago I read this in Psalms 55:6-8

Oh, that I had the wings of a dove! I would fly away and be at rest.
I would flee far away and stay in the desert...

I would hurry to my place of shelter, far from the tempest and storm.

I can so relate to that. Wanting to fly away to a quiet gather my thoughts. Because I'm desperate for peace.  

And when mama ain't peaceful...ain't nobody peaceful. Can I get a holla from my mama tribe?! You know what I'm talkin' about.

It's a war in my mind. I am fighting against discontentment, overwhelm, and fear. I know Jesus desires the BEST for me. But the enemy is busy busy busy whispering lies. Recently, the lies have been:

"You can't finish all you have set out to do."

"You aren't a good enough mother."

"See how messy your house is right now? You're a failure."

I feel those thoughts creeping in. But I know it's not Jesus. Because it's not TRUTH. What lies are you believing today? Pinpoint them. And fight.

Fight for JOY.

And when you find the truth, make a plan. Want some suggestions? Here are 5 ways to find peace in the midst of chaos.

Root down. 

Fill your mind with encouragement. Read scripture (Psalms are my favorite). Read inspiring words. Blogs you love. When your spirit is strong and bolstered...when your roots are planted DEEP into contentment and abundance, you are much more apt to handle the day with joy and ease. Preferably, this happens before the day begins. But at this season in my life, with kiddos in our bed who magically wake up when I leave...that isn't happening much. Squeeze it in whenever you can. Analyze your life for any joy-takers. News sites. Toxic people. Poisonous thoughts. And stop indulging.

Breathe deep.

Literally. Breathing is a huge stress reliever. I will often go all day without a deep cleansing breath. Add a few sun salutations while you're at it. During meltdowns of the little girl variety, I will hold them and remind them to breathe and will have them do it with me by mimicking my own breathing. Because when you are flipping sometimes need help getting back down off the ledge. 

Fill up.  

Self-care is a buzz word that you hear a lot lately. But it's much more than a buzz word. It's essential to your sanity. Take a bath. Create art. Photography. Watch your favorite TV show. There is no one perfect way...everyone has their own unique way to re-focus and wind down. But the key is to MAKE TIME. Even just a 10 minute soak in a hot tub with a glass of wine will do wonders for you. Slap on some Spotify, throw in some Epsom salts, oils, and light candles. Insta-spa! If you haven't read this piece by MaryBeth it now. It's powerful and reminds me to be IN MY BODY daily. **It does contain strong language and ideas that are breathtaking and beautiful but different than my own truth. And that is why I love her so. I enjoy considering and understanding other spiritual journeys. It bolsters my own walk and makes all of us real and lovely to each other.

Plan escape.

It's so important to take regular time away for just you. Schedule it. Protect it. Enjoy it with no guilt. My favorite mini-escape lately includes a coffee in my hand while thrifting and spring rolls eaten in my van in the parking lot (where it's quiet!). If it's feasible for you to take a weekend it! I try to do it a couple times a year (lately with nursing baby in tow). Create a sacred space in your home that you can retreat to. Even if it's your nightstand with candles and books. Lay on your bed and ESCAPE. Or a closet with a pillow. You can make any space sacred in that moment.

Dance more. 

I'm a big fan if the mid-afternoon dance party. You cannot remain stressed to the max when you are moving your body! Whether it be hooping or dancing on the coffee table to Let It Go (any other Frozen fans in the house?!) will release the tension in your muscles. It's a good thing.  Music is a powerful mood enhancer! Turn it up! The louder the better. Make a soundtrack for your life! Bonus: Dancing also initiates laughter. Laughter is essential. Don't go a day without it.


Be intentional about fighting for your joy today. Do things that fill you up and bolster your spirit. Love nice and allow yourself to rest. All while nourishing and caring for those around you.

What are your favorite self-care secrets?
Share them in the comments...
Let's encourage each other with ideas!