Commence Janssification!


What a weekend! We left the farm on Saturday and took down the flags that have flown over so many memories there...and placed them in the trees at our new home. The trees that will shelter us for years to come. Like a new mother with her baby, I'm a bit infatuated with our property right now. I want to know the shape of every rock. The bend of every branch. The texture of each piece of moss. Each moment feels sacred.

These three munchkins are taking it all in as their own way. Bella has been an amazing help in the demolition process. Lucy and Emma spend their time playing hide-and-seek in empty closets and chasing the dogs.

 And lots of time is spent exploring the rock outcropping that takes up about 1/2 an acre. There are caves and little sneak-thru passages, and when we crawl to the top of it all, we can see Denver! Yesterday, as we were sitting there...a herd of 12 deer came and ate near us. Truly breathtaking. I never want to take it for granted!


The biggest change has been tearing down the big wall in the kitchen/living room. It wasn't an easy feat...but Matt took care of it! I've been dreaming of creating an open concept space there since the first time I laid eyes on it!


I'm so amazed at the difference it makes! Today he tore out the sink and remaining cabinets...and started putting up new dry wall. Tomorrow, we will paint the basement and start taping off the rest of the house to spray it all white. It's coming along fast and so far, we haven't run into any surprises. Just a few rotten boards and dead mice. Nothing out of the ordinary.

This coming week is looking to be pretty intense, as we are finishing up at the farm and moving our beds/clothes into the basement of the house. The kitchen probably won't be done for a week or two, so we're at that awkward in between stage of not really having a settled place to nourish and nest. Trying hard to keep my eyes on the goal...this mama is starting to get weary already!

I created a channel on Vimeo called "Nesting Gypsy Home". I will put videos up there, but probably won't post every video here. I just added another one of Matt working on the wall. I will also create a photo gallery on my blog here, and will post that link when it's up.

Thanks for following along in our adventures!